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 TPO-10RC Cleaning

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The following are some steps, provided by one of the members of the AT-RC yahoo group, Roger Smith, to follow when cleaning your Richie/Chrétien Scope.

While you  have the scope down for cleaning, Roger recommends that  you  clean the secondary as well by removing the it from the tube. However I found that it is no problem to clean the secondary in place without removing from it from the tube. While you  have the primary cell out you  can easily reach down to clean the secondary mirror.

Disassembly for Primary:
Don't touch those collimation screws, unless you are collimating.
First put a keying mark on OD of tube and back plate. Then you can re-assemble at exact same position.
Remove Losmandy rails and brackets
Remove screws holding tube to back plate (you already removed some when doing above step
No need to remove the cell from back plate. This can screw up the collimation/mirror spacing
No need to remove the long tube at center of mirror (good handle)

Getting ready:
Get a new, clean pump mist spray bottle (I got from lady cosmetic store) used to spray water on face/hair (I guess!)
Use distilled water and add about 10% rubbing alcohol.
Get cotton balls, or some special dust-free paper towels (I use KimWipes by Kimberly Clark)
Stuff a cloth kitchen towel or washcloth between mirror and back plate to catch the water.
I set up mirror to point horizontally on kitchen counter. (Water drains down to towel)

Spray the mirror a lot, spray it hard, and slide the cotton balls across (around) mirror. Do not re-use cotton ball because it may have some grit in it. Avoid pushing on the mirror when doing this. The alcohol will help remove stuck on things. Let it do the work.
I would do this about 5 to 10 times.
For final cleanup I switch to non-diluted distilled water. Spray mirror and wipe with the KimWipes. I kind of wrap it around my index finger and lay the finger on the mirror. For this step mirror faces up, and you try to lightly wipe entire face of mirror without picking up your finger. Finally drag your finger to outer edge.
If too much water, it will leave little drops behind. So I lightly spray the mirror, not enough to get one wipe super wet. There is some technique here.

Use a LED flashlight to examine the mirror. Dark room and flashlight will show up everything.
I found the alcohol leaves a film that I can see with the flashlight, so that is why I don't use it at final steps.

Don't touch mirror after cleaning.... You will leave finger prints, and have to re-clean.
Any scratch cannot be cleaned away, right?
Don't work in a dusty environment. Vacuum cleaners eject a lot of dust into the room air! Glass when rubbed attracts dust/dirt!
Don't let your mirror roll off the counter!

This is good time to clean secondary:
Put the keying mark on tube and
Remove entire spider ring assembly from tube. Nothing else to remove or disassemble.
Clean same as primary. Just let the water run out on the counter.

It is also a good time to clean the tube and baffles:
Remove from tube (notice which way pointing)
Clean with tap water and lint-free towel. Let them dry.

Primary first to tube including the brackets that go under the losmandy. Don't tighten screws until are are put in.
Install baffles and be sure pushed in far enough so secondary spider assembly will go in far enough.
Install secondary and don't tighten screws until are are put in. Then tighen all
Add Losmandy plates.

Happy Cleaning!



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