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 Here are some programs that you  may find useful:

Click on the link in the LOAD MODULE column to down load the ZIP file containing  the installation package.

Once downloaded, open the zip file and click on setup or read the README.TXT file.

These programs come with  no warranty  (use at your own risk) and are the sole property of the author. You  may use them on as many computers as you  like but you  may not redistribute them as a for-sale item.

Description Load module


This utility allows the user to change the Gamma, Contrast, and Brightness of an imported image, making it easier to see details especially in darker images. The user can also view the images full size panning around using the mouse. IN cases where the images are sequentially numbered the user can step thru the sequence forward or back ward or enable a slide show of the images.

This routine requires Windows operating system and Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.1 or later.

TO download the app click on the link on the right and follow the instructions. The system will automatically check for a later version and allow you to install it if you wish.

 Click HERE to view the help file for more info on the program.





EQ8 / HDX110 Auto Home:

This routine allows the user to engage the auto home function in the EQ8/HDX110. It will set the mount to the hardware home indexes. This is a rewrite of the EQ8Tools app written by Frank Lieu from Skywatcher.

IF you are interested in the auto home  function for your EQ8 you may want to try the GS Server . This program is an updated driver  to replace EQMOD. It has a built in AUTO HOME function. It includes ASCOM telescope support and the Synta Protocol for SkyWatcher and Orion mounts: EQ8, EQ8-R, HDX110, AZ-EQ5GT, Sirius Pro AZ/EQ-G, AZ-EQ6GT, Orion Atlas Pro AZ/EQ-G, EQ6-R PRO, NEQ6, HEQ5, EQ5, EQ4, AzGTi.
And the best part is that  it is FREE.

This routine is not intended for unattended (remote) operation since there is a possibility that the mount could runaway and twist up your cables.


SDA2 Supernova Detector Assistant Version 2:

SDA is a Windows application that  is designed to assist you  in selecting galaxies that  might spawn supernovae.

 The application uses the Rc3 catalog of galaxies as the data source, which is included in the install package. This application will work on Windows XP and Windows 7 ( 32, 64 bit OS)

If you  are into hunting Supernovae the SDA program might be of interest to you. Some of the features include:

  • Works off a database of over 23K galaxies using the R3c data.

  • Uses algorithms that attempt to select the most probable galaxies that  may spawn a supernova

  • Like TonightSky it shows you  which  galaxies are visible at your location, when.

  • Search by galaxy type.

  • Contains a database of Supernovae that  you  can update from Dave Bishop's web site "Bright Supernovae"


To find out more about the program check out the HELP file.

Change Notice


SDA2  requires Microsoft .net framework 4.5 and will be installed automatically by the installer if missing. 
When you launch the application it will automatically check for  newer versions and allow you to install them.








Reads and Update FITS file headers and displays info.



ASCOM Meade Driver Version 4.1(pulse guiding) ( for 497 hand controller)  Meade Driver ( 124K)


FITS Viewer and Editor (provided by NASA)

FV  ( link to  NASA site)


 This program provides you with an easy way to find what  objects will be visible at your location at what time of the day. It runs on windows  from  XP to W8. I have also been told that it runs on Apple I-PAD if you have windows installed.

  • You  can specify the time period you are interested in along with many other search criteria ( see TonightSky HELP for more details )

  • Database contains over 10K DSO objects (NGC,M,IC,C,B) as well as 0ver 218K stars

  • Add, delete or change entries in the Database

  • Place key words in the DB for any object on which you  can search later, such as next or Redo  or anything you want.

  • You can enter numerous alternate viewing locations.

  • You  can control you  ASCOM mount directly from the program and have it slew to the select object.

  • Direct links to NED for technical details or Sky-Map web sites to see what  the object looks like on the SDSS image for the selected object.

  • Save search results in text files as an observation report, EQTour output  or AA Manager output to easily import the data into those applications.

  • Helps you  select an alignment star pair for two star alignment

  • Contains a calculator that  will allow you to compute the magnitude of an object as well as do some conversions (ie.: Degrees to DEG:MIN:SEC or vise versa )

  • Works in the northern and southern hemisphere.

  Complete windows installation package
 includes the database ( at right). No need to load it separately.
Tonight Sky Change notice.

Join the TonightSky Yahoo group and keep up to date.
Tonight Sky HELP


TonightSky3 requires Microsoft .net framework 4.5 and will be installed automatically by the installer if missing. 
When you launch the application it will automatically check for  newer versions and allow you to install them.


TonightSky 3



Tonight Sky Star Database

 Contains over 250K stars from the SAO J2000 catalog, Bright star catalog and and named stars ( approx. 13Mby zip file ). Down to visual magnitude 10 with an epoch of 2000.0.

If you  have not down loaded the complete Deep sky table, above, and want to add these to your DB. Down load the file and TonightSky will  prompt you  to update your DB.

You will need the latest version Tonight Sky  to be able to  use them.

(Download, and un-zip the file into the TonightSky load directory. This is usually C:\Program Files\Tonight Sky )



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