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First view of a BLACK HOLE 4/10/2019

So we all have been told that  nothing can escape a black hole not even light, hence the name. So how were the scientists able to get a picture? They accomplished this by linking 8 large radio telescopes  that are located in the US, South America , Spain and Antarctica. All were aimed at Messier 87 galaxy at the same time and gathering data from different parts of the galaxy. Then using a supercomputer and an algorithm developed by 29 year old  Katie Bouman a grad student at MIT, they combined the information from all these telescopes into  this picture.

The donut ring is the glow of the super heated gas as it swirls around the black hole, eventually getting sucked in.

This is what  astronomers call a SUPER MASSIVE BLACK HOLE. To give you an idea to it's size, here is  an image with our solar system embedded as a comparison.


Click here to read how the image was gathered

 Probably the best explanation  about what  you are looking at in the Black hole image

This is the most complete and correct explanation of what a black hole shadow is tha


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