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3/17/2017: Dual Scope Setup:

One of the main reasons for purchasing the heavy-duty ORION HDX110  EQ-G mount is because of it's load capacity. The idea was to mount both the TPO10RC  scope and the SN8 and allow me to used either scope for imaging.

Well I recently purchased the hardware from ADM to make that  happen. I now have my 10" scope mounted with the SBIG camera and the Meade Schmidt/Newtonian 8" scope with a ZWO ASI120 camera.    In the image you can see the SN8 on the left and the 10RC on the right. Under the 10RC is a 50mm Guide scope with a Meade DSI Pro camera used for guiding.

For the most part the change over went really  smooth. The only  thing to remember is that  there is an additional step to balancing the setup. An excellent write up can be found here ( Balancing a Side-by side setup ) .

The steps are:

  1. Mount all your camera equipment that  will be used for the imaging session
  2. Balance the two scopes on the DEC axis by rotating the RA so that  DEC axis is horizontal. Set the counterweights to temporarily balance the RA axis. The final balance will be done at the last step.
  3. Rotate the DEC axis so that  the scopes are vertical pointing UP.
  4. Slide the connecting bare back and forth to balance the two scopes.
  5. Now rotate the Dec axis so that  the Scopes are horizontal.
  6. Balance the scopes by sliding scopes back and forth on their dovetail bar till the balance out.
  7. Finally tighten the DEC clutch and loosen the RA clutch and adjust the counterweights to balance the RA axis.

 Your setup is now balanced  and ready to go.